Working groups are an essential component of hubs. Group content is searchable across a hub and groups are the contribution point though which hub members submit and create OER. In addition, group content can be accessed by group members inside their LMS via LTI.

Inside the Groups section of the hub admin panel, you can an existing group to your Hub or create a new one. 

Manage Groups

  1. Navigation panel  - This navigation panel appear inside each section. Use this panel to navigate between the hub panel settings.
  2. Show  - Adjust the display to show more groups on the current page. 
  3. New - Add a group to your hub. (see directions on Add Group below). 
  4. Edit - Change group details for a particular group (order, is active, display). Note that you must select a group first, then select Edit
  5. Delete - remove a selected group from your hub. Note that group members may remain in your hub. See Manage Hub Members for more details. 
  6. Search - Find a specific group from your list. 
  7. Arrows - use the up/down arrows to re-order content in your table. 

Add Group

Select an existing Open Space group and add it to your hub. 

  1. Group - Select the desired group from the drop-down list. 
  2. Order - Choose the order in which your group will appear by adding a number in Order field. The first item will start with 0, followed by 1, 2, 3, etc. If you set all groups to 0, they will be displayed in the order you add them.
  3. Is active - Select yes or no. Inactive groups will not be included in your hub activity reports. 
  4. Display in - Select the Group set where you would like your group to be displayed. 
  5. Add the select group to your hub. 

See also: Manage Hub Members

Create a Group

Add Group Members

Manage a Group